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Tania's Story

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

We recently sat down with Tania* to hear her story and learn more about what brought her to the Family Support Centre.

Tania has relied on the Family Support Centre for help many times in her life. She has come here to escape violence in her home. In some instances, Tania was facing homelessness due to the abuse she was facing. Her only options were living on the street or coming to the Family Support Centre. When Tania first arrived at the Family Support Centre, she was emotionally drained. Her children had been removed from her home, and she was desperate for help to get them back. Through the Family Support Centre, Tania was able to access counselling, outreach, and referral services. Through these supports, Tania was able to get her children back, and they were with her during the rest of her stay at the Family Support Centre. Tania says that all of her stays at the Family Support Centre have been positive. “I’ve always had support while I’m here. I feel comfortable and I feel at home. It feels like a welcoming environment.” Tania says she would recommend others in abusive situations access the Family Support Centre for help, because it’s a safe place. “If you’re in a bad situation, get help. Go to a safe place,” Tania says. “I’m safe at the Family Support Centre. I don’t need to worry about anyone harming us.” The Family Support Centre needs your help to support women like Tania, who depend on our services every day. Please give now to help provide a safe-haven and support for women and children in our community.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the subject’s privacy.

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